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Astrid Statement Pendant

Astrid pendant, statement, in sterling silver

Susan Ohrn Jewelry

Astrid pendant, statement, in sterling silver


Astrid statement pendant in .925 sterling silver.  Inspired by a ceiling painted with stars from the 1500s in Stockholm.  The artist’s renderings evoke the natural sky outside.  Astrid is an iconic Swedish name derived from the Latin root Astra meaning star.  Astrid’s graceful sweep and asymmetrical whimsy reminds us to look up…and discover our wonder. 

.925 Sterling silver pendant and chain.  

Pendant measures 27mm / 1” wide by 41mm / ”1 1/2 high, with a 3.5mm / .15” thickness.  

Offered on a 20", 22" or 24” .925 sterling silver round cable chain.  

Susan Ohrn Jewelry client testimonial for 18 karat gold Astrid necklace.

Human Spirit & Feminine Power

About The Brand

Susan Ohrn Jewelry celebrates women capturing their light.

A woman owned business, Susan's eponymous fine jewelry launch allows her to introduce women everywhere to her unique heritage-inspired voice. Egalitarian gender attitudes hail back to Viking age and still inform classic Scandinavian design today.

Susan’s sculptural pieces reflect the elegantly sparse expression and clean lines that tell this story and inspire women everywhere to courageously capture their own light. Learn more here

Studio Jewelry, Ethically Produced


Susan designs and crafts each piece from concept to delivery in her Boston-based studio.

Her pieces are ethically produced. She partners exclusively with New England family-owned businesses for some larger-scale steps such as casting.

This choice builds and sustains local and domestic production while also reducing the environmental footprint.

Susan Ohrn Jewelry is a woman owned business.

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