Susan Ohrn Jewelry

Freya Abundance Necklace, Sterling Silver, 9mm

Abundance is about owning one's worth, breaking through glass ceilings, and creating spaces where dreams can flourish. The Freya Abundance necklace serves as a symbol and an inspiration of abundance created and strived for.

Inspired by Viking warrior shield maidens and their ruling goddess Freya, these pendants feature Viking runic symbols carved on a shield to invoke qualities women manifest as defenders and advocates and warriors. Freya rune necklaces serve as talismans to summon those qualities.
Product Features:
  • .925 Sterling silver pendant and chain.  
  • Pendant: 9mm in diameter, with a 3mm thickness.  
  • Available Chains:  Offered on a 16", 18" or 20" delicate round cable chain.

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