Susan Ohrn Jewelry

Freya Duo Necklace, Sterling Silver, 9mm

The Freya Duo Necklace lets you customize a necklace to celebrate the qualities that make that special someone unique.  Select two pendants that represent her authentic self:  Courage, Joy, Abundance, Strength, or Resilience 
Inspired by Viking warrior shield maidens and their ruling goddess Freya. Viking runic symbols carved on each shield invoke qualities women manifest as defenders and advocates - warriors.  Freya pendants serve as talismans to summon those qualities.

Product Features:

  • .925 Sterling silver pendant and chain.  
  • Pendant: 9mm in diameter, with a 3mm thickness.  
  • Available Chains:  Offered on a 16", 18" or 20" delicate round cable chain.

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