Susan Ohrn Jewelry

Moondaisy Necklace, Sterling Silver, 46mm


The Moondaisy pendant from the Flora Nordica collection. 

The Moondaisy design takes inspiration from mid-century painted folk art, with graceful swirls and a dramatic presence. 

It is a boldly feminine necklace, sculpted to reflect light with elegant movement.

Crafted from start to finish in the Susan Ohrn studio in New England - Made in the USA.

.925 Sterling silver pendant and chain.  

Pendant measures  1 4/5" wide by 1 3/4” high, with a 1/4” depth (or 46mm W x 41mm H x 7.5mm D)

Offered on an adjustable 22" elongated oval chain with an oval lobster clasp.

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