Susan Ohrn Jewelry

Astrid Star Climber Earrings, Sterling Silver, 11mm


Astrid Climber earrings in .925 sterling silver.  Just as no two stars are the same, the right and left Mixa earrings are unique.  Inspired by a ceiling painted with stars from the 1500s in Stockholm.  Astrid is an iconic Swedish name derived from the Latin root “Astra” meaning star. 

Astrid’s graceful sweep and asymmetrical whimsy reminds us to look up…and discover our wonder. 

Product Features:

  • .925 Sterling silver pendant and chain.  

  • Left earring is 11mm / 0.4” wide by 7mm/ 1/3” high, with a 3mm / 1/8” thickness.

  • Right earring is 13mm / ½” wide by 8mm/ 1/3” high, with a 3mm / 1/8” thickness.

  • Crafted by Susan Ohrn in New England.


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