Every Woman is a Warrior

Every woman is a warrior. 

The Freya collection began with a request from a friend advocating for her child. She asked me to create a talisman to help summon her strength – to be the warrior that she needed to be.  I recognized the all-consuming rush of fierce protectiveness as an advocate for my own child.

As she told me more, a shield maiden exhibit from the Stockholm Viking Museum came to mind.  Since visiting it several months ago, my concept of femininity had been shifting.  And I had been tuned into a wave news releases that new research validated that shield maidens were not a myth but actual, DNA -proven, female warriors in Viking times.

Fierce is feminine. 

Sketches of shields kept surfacing during my design sessions.  Shields as powerful symbols of defense but also intention.  The designs were inspired by the original Viking shields – subtly domed, with striking, unique borders. 

A great warrior has vision, and inspires those around her to follow her path.  She pictures her ideal outcome, and calls forward the qualities needed to achieve it.  The focal point of each piece is an original Viking rune symbol for the quality being represented.  A talisman not only of protection, but also intention.  

We become warriors to summon our best selves – to live joyful, fulfilling, abundant lives. Motherhood awakened and magnified that ability for my friend and me.  Acknowledging our inner warrior leads to empowered femininity.

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